Sunday, 19 September 2010

"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions"

Seen as im trying to get this upto date, Ill put some work on from the past 2 years! So some from when i first started, some from the last few months! :)

This was my first ever project at college! It was to advertising recycling so rather than doing the obvious food/cans etc, i linked in my passion of fashion!
I made the dress against a mannequin while i was bored at work one night. I used a few binliners, and newspapers. I fanned out the paper to give it this style, and attatched them all together with staples and cellotape. 
This location was down an old alley, and luckily the cardboard box was already there. :)

These two are from a fashion project that i got given in the first year. Again i used the woods as its local and quiet. These are not really my strongest photos of all time, but i still think they show some diversity from my others.

The next two photos are from my first ever time shooting in the studio! :

I loved messing around with the lighting, and i also used the fan to get the windy effect of the hair!

This is from a project when i had to link up with a Performing arts student and show what her style was. She picked the outfits and i just shot the photos.

I also had to show what sort of performing arts she specialised in, which was acting. Therefore we did a shoot based on the film Moulin Rouge :

 We just shot these in a dance studio, which we put a piano in! The black curtains were already on the wall, so they came in handy for the dark background, and we used various coloured spotlights.


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